Greetings to all bishops, pastors, elders, evangelists, ministers and all people of God!
You now have a chance to expand your local ministry through Gods gospel train Network, a 24 hour gospel internet radio station Godsgospeltrain.com located in Kern County in the state of California The objective and goal of this radio station ministry is to minister to the sick, to bring church to those who can’t attend church on a regular basis, to comfort those who are going through something and to bring positive news throughout your local city, state and national community. Not only do we play music by local and national gospel artists but we will broadcast your church services at a extremely cheap and reasonable rate. If you have a computer whether desktop or laptop, and I pad or IPhone or tablet, you can tune in to this station.
Recently my engineer designed it where all persons who don’t have the internet can listen by their home telephone by calling
To get started you can record your service by Ipad, cd, cassette or by conference phoneline. The price is $150 per month, that price includes 4 1 hour programs each Sunday and if there is a 5th Sunday we donate that Sunday as a free Sunday. It is important to note that a month payment must be made in advance.